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How to Create Clients in Your Coaching Business Today

Are you guilty of spending a significant amount of time each week thinking about how to create clients in your coaching business?

If you’re like most new coaches, you know you were meant to be a coach and you LOVE helping people, but for some reason… 

You’re not signing clients like you thought you would.

So now the thoughts swirling around in your mind sound something like this…

“This isn’t working.”

“I don’t have any consults booked.”

“I don’t know where my clients are.”

“If only I had more time for my business.”

Let’s kick these thoughts to the curb ASAP because…

the more you focus on these thoughts, the more you continue to create these results.

Here’s what to do instead…

Decide Exactly What You Want to Create

Spend some time getting really clear and specific about your goals – It’s hard to create something that you haven’t yet decided you want. What do you want in your business? If you want to sign your first client, then boldly and clearly set that intention and own it.

Decide What You Want to Do To Create Clients

Now put that goal on a shelf. That’s what you’re working toward but before you can achieve that you need to break your goal down into a few daily actionable steps – So let’s say your goal is to create a client today. In order to create a client today, what would you need to do? Get really specific about the actions that would lead you to create a client.

Resource (blog post): Create More Coaching Clients Without Doing More

Decide Who You Need to Be To Create Clients In Your Business

Decide who you would have to be to create that result. – In order to create the results you want to create and take massive action toward those results, what thoughts do you need to believe about yourself, your work, and your clients?  If you’ve been thinking negative thoughts for a while now, those are well worn paths that you’ll easy go down again and again. When this happens, remind yourself that nothing has gone wrong. Instead, just bring yourself back to who you’re being and what you’re thinking when you’re being intentional with your thoughts. Make it a practice to remind yourself about these intentional beliefs over and over again until you create the results you want.

Evaluate, Evaluate, Evaluate!

Evaluate everything! – Your brain loves focusing on what isn’t working. Its job is to protect you and one way it does that is by focusing on the negatives. It hopes that by doing this, you’ll never go out and do the big things that it thinks are scary and life threatening.

Instead of spinning in the thoughts of what isn’t working, create a regular routine of evaluating everything in your business intentionally. Start by finding the things that ARE working. And celebrate those. Then notice one thing that didn’t work. Don’t judge yourself. Just notice it and then decide what you want to do differently next time. This keeps you learning, growing, and becoming more of the person who creates what she really wants.

Keep Showing Up

Keep showing up for your dream – The only way you fail is if you quit.  Have your back and create safety for yourself to keep showing up and failing forward until you create what you want. 

Implement these suggestions, and watch how you attract more and more clients to you. 

Resource (blog post): How to Start a Life Coaching Business in 7 Achievable Steps

One Last Note!

Want help growing your dream business? I’d love to help you. I help new coaches sign their first clients in my Dream Business Blueprint 1:1 coaching program. If you’re ready to build a business and life you love, email me here to schedule your free consultation call to learn more about how coaching with me will help you.

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