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A Shift Is Occurring in the Online Marketing Space

I’m noticing a shift in the online marketing space. It’s been happening for a while now. And if you ask me, it’s such a refreshing change of pace for those of us that are here because we truly care about helping people.

Here’s what I’m noticing. And I’d love to know if you are too.

Online Consumers Are Getting Smarter

Online consumers are becoming more and more savvy. They can sense when someone’s not being honest or genuine. Bro marketing tactics and flashy headlines used to catch consumers’ attention. But now that type of marketing is seen as manipulative and sleazy. Consumers know that quick fixes aren’t real or sustainable. They’re aware when someone’s playing to their fears. And that type of marketing is seen as common, boring, slimy, and ineffective.

Consumers are now paying attention to how the marketing they’re consuming makes them feel. They’re paying attention to whether or not what someone is selling allows them to create the lifestyle they desire. They’re listening more to their gut and when it doesn’t feel right, they scroll on by. After all, they’re well aware that there are many other options. And there’s one that’s bound to light them up and connect with them on a deeper level.

Complicated Offers and Programs Are a Turnoff

Complicated offers and programs created from a ‘more is better’ mindset are a turnoff. Most consumers have so many decisions they’re making and things they’re juggling in their lives. The last thing they want or need is an offer or program that feels overwhelming and leaves them wondering if they can actually be successful with it.

Less is more.

Creating something that’s complicated is easy. It’s creating something that’s simple that’s hard. As an online marketer, your job is to simplify everything. When you cut out the fluff and simplify everything, your clients will be able to create much greater results.

Ditch the belief that the more you add in, the more people will want what you’re offering. Instead focus on creating less, simplifying each step and ensuring that each step is highly valuable.

Focus More on Connection

Everyone is craving connection. After years of a pandemic and added outside stress, people are craving connection now more than ever. When you focus on selling scripts and how to’s, you might get a few sales but you’re not creating massive impact. Instead consider what you can offer that will help you build deeper connections with your soul community.

Stop Focusing on Pleasing the Algorithm and Hiding Behind Trends

Hiding behind the trends and playing to the algorithm keeps your soulmate clients scrolling past you. People want to know you. They want to build a relationship and connection with you. If you’re hiding behind these trends, you don’t stand out. If you want to be seen as a thought leader in your industry, it’s time to ditch the focus on vanity metrics and lean into showing up boldly for your dream clients with really high level.

Isn’t it a relief to know that we can build successful businesses where we can show up as our true selves and focus on building real relationships and deep connections with our communities? Long gone are the days of surface level tips, tricks, and proven formulas to try to hook people.

If you’re excited about these changes and wonder what shifts you can make in your business, here are 4 ideas to consider.

Tap Into Your Ideal Client’s Deepest Desires

Instead of focusing on your ideal client’s pain points… connect to them by sharing their deepest desires and the things they really want in their lives.

Share Your Story

Share your story and be a real human. Your soulmate clients are no longer interested in the secret formula or the how-to that will get them the result they want in 30 days.  Your clients want to get to know you and connect with you on a deeper level.

Resource (blog post): Do This to Stand Out as a Life Coach Online

Learn to Create Safety to Show Up Boldly in Your Business

Sharing static quotes on IG is a starting point, but learn to create safety for yourself to show up on video and boldly share your ideas. This is what your soulmate clients are waiting for. Stop hiding behind trends and start showing up as the courageous and impactful CEO coach that you are. Your clients are waiting.

Resource (blog post): How to Show Up Authentically Online

Are you noticing this shift in online marketing? Have you noticed that you’re tired of the old way of online marketing? If so, this is your time to throw out the rules and show up as a purpose driven brand who is here to make a massive impact, high quality money, and deeper connections.

Want help with this? I help new entrepreneurs build the foundations of their businesses so they can create more impact in the world doing something that lights their souls on fire. If you want help building your dream business, email me here to learn more about coaching with me through my 1:1 coaching program, Dream Business Blueprint.

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