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Create Your Dream Coaching Business With Your Imagination

Your mind is the perfect playground to create your dream coaching business.

The problem is that most of us use that playground to imagine all the things that might go wrong if we were to listen to our wildest dreams and chase them. 

We end up listening to our brains when they say things like, 

  • “That would be irresponsible.”
  • “You’re not ____ enough to do that.”
  • “It’s just too late now. You’re too old.”
  • “That’s selfish. As a mom, you don’t have time for those kinds of things anymore.”
  • “There’s not enough time.”
  • “What would everyone think?”

And after we spend time listening to our brains say these things, we think they’re true.

So we shove our imaginations, creativity, truest desires, and intuitive nudges deep down inside and slam the door on them.

Resource (blog post): How to Access Your Imagination to Produce Creative Work, Solve Problems and Liberate Yourself

But here’s the thing.

Our minds are creative. And our brains are always trying to protect us and keep us safe. So of course those are the first thoughts that come up. 

But instead of automatically choosing to believe those thoughts and shutting down any other possibilities (which is what most people do) what if you allowed them to just pass on by without choosing to believe them?

What if instead of believing them you used that playground within your mind to imagine what else might be true?

What if you challenged yourself to give equal air time to the possibilities for what you could do, create, be, and have? 

How would your life and business look different?

When you open yourself up to challenging your brain’s default thinking and then get curious about what else could be possible, you open yourself up to create your dream coaching business. 

This is the work I help my clients with inside my one on one coaching program, Dream Business Blueprint.  I help you create your dream coaching business. If you’re ready to partner with someone who will help you move beyond the fear and instead learn to trust that you are wildly capable of creating a business and life you love, I would love to help you.

Click here to schedule your free consultation call. On this call I’ll help you understand why you have the results you have right now. And I’ll help you understand what you can do differently to create more of the results you really want. I’ll then share how we could work together and you can make a decision about whether coaching with me is the right next step for you.

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