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Create More Coaching Clients Without Doing More

Have you ever found yourself wondering if maybe you need a podcast, a website, ads, a membership, or a group program to help you get new clients?

Truth bomb – If you aren’t signing clients now, adding another thing to your plate isn’t going to make it easier to sign clients.

Be Careful Not to Make The Common Mistake of Thinking Doing More Will Create More Clients!

This is one of the most common mistakes new coaches make. Instead of focusing on the things that will actually help them create clients, they look at what coaches who are further ahead of them are doing and they think they should do the same things.  They think that doing those same things is how they’ll create that same level of success. 

But this isn’t true.

Stop looking at someone else’s chapter 40 and comparing it to your chapter 1. 

Coaches who’ve created great success in their businesses built the foundational pieces first. 

Why Build the Foundational Pieces?

I know – this isn’t the sexy part of building a business. But starting by building the foundations of your business is how you create clients and grow a profitable business.

There are no real secrets to building a business. There isn’t some secret path you can take to fast track your results.  The path starts with building the foundations that your business will rest on forever. 

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5 Things That Will Help You Create More Clients

So instead of chasing those shiny objects and adding more to your plate, put your blinders on and focus on these 5 things that will actually help you create clients:

1. Meet People Who Fit Your Ideal Client Avatar

Get curious about who your ideal client is. Create a list of all the ways you could meet people like your ideal client and schedule time into your day everyday to get out there and meet her. 

2. Build Relationships with People Who Fit Your Ideal Client Avatar

Coaching businesses are built on relationships. The more people you meet and the more relationships you build, the more clients you will create. 

3. Create Helpful Content That Attracts and Nurtures Your Ideal Client

Get really clear about what your ideal client is struggling with. Find out what keeps her up at night and what she wishes she could figure out. The more you know about where your ideal client is and where she wishes she was, the more you can create content that helps her understand her problem and helps her see that you have a solution for her in your coaching program. 

4. Create ONE Irresistible Offer That Solves Your Ideal Client’s Biggest Pain Point

Nobody pays for coaching. They pay because they want the solution to the problem they have. When you’re clear on what that problem is, create your irresistible offer. Make sure your offer meets your ideal client where she is right now and walks her along a path to creating the result and solving the problem she has. 

5. Learn to Become a Sales Ninja

One of the most important skills to learn as a coach is the skill of selling. If you aren’t selling, you aren’t going to create a profitable business. I know this can feel really uncomfortable if you don’t have experience selling. Here’s the way I like to think of selling. Selling is serving.  When you know your ideal client,  understand what they want, and create an offer that helps them get what they want, selling feels natural. When you don’t sell, your ideal client doesn’t get the help they want. So instead, show up and sell from a place of service and watch how much easier and more enjoyable it is to create clients.

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One Last Note!

It can feel overwhelming doing all the things to build your coaching business when what you really want to be doing is coaching. But the truth is that building a profitable coaching business requires you to say no to doing all the things. When you focus on these 5 things you not only create clients in a simple way but you get to feel calm, certain, and confident along the way too.

This is exactly what I teach my clients inside Dream Business Blueprint, my 6 month 1:1 coaching program. If you’re ready to attract your ideal clients, create content that makes them reach out to work with you, stand out as a leader in your niche, and start making money, email me at to learn HOW!

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