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Mindset & Business Coach

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I'm passionate about helping new coaches build impactful coaching businesses they absolutely love!

If you're anything like me you jumped into coaching with so much excitement.  You knew it was exactly what you were meant to do. So you started by taking messy action. But you quickly realized that building a business isn't for the faint of heart. There are so many moving parts and so much information that it's easy to feel lonely and overwhelmed.

That's why I'm here. Consider me your biz bestie! I'm here to help you learn the mindset and strategies required to build a successful coaching business and start signing your first high ticket clients.  

I know you're an amazing coach!  Let's work together so you can start making the money and impact you know you're capable of making.

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Before working with Katrina, I felt overwhelmed and lost. I had ideas but I didn't know how to organize them or express them. My biggest issue was that my online content was all over the place - I had no idea what message I wanted to convey and I didn't know who I was speaking to with my content.

I had tried learning about social media and working with other coaches before. But no other coach could help me organize my thoughts and push me the way Katrina did.

After working with Katrina, my overwhelm is gone. I know what I'm saying and I know who I'm saying it to. My ideas continuously flow and I have already gotten more consult calls and increased engagement as a result.

If you know that you are interested in helping people and building a business through social media, Katrina is the right coach for you! If you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to tailor your content to reach more people and sign more clients, Katrina is the right coach for you!

~Ashley Elich, Life Coach

When I initially met Katrina, I was at the very start of my coaching and entrepreneurial journey. I hadn't determined my ideal client or what I really even had to offer. At the time I didn't even know if coaching was in the cards for me! Katrina has been such a blessing in my life over the past six months. Katrina helped me work through the chaos that was in my head and gain the clarity I had been so desperately craving. I now know exactly who I am serving both on social media and in the services that I have to offer. Katrina helped me find the confidence to step into the life and business of my dreams. She is so kind-hearted, deeply passionate, incredibly knowledgeable, and a joy to spend time with! 

~Emily Reuschel, coach and speaker 

"Katrina exudes compassion and a deep devotion for understanding what each individual needs. She is an exceptional listener, carefully considering every word her clients are expressing, and then using her extensive knowledge to help her clients transform their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Working with Katrina has opened my mind to truly examining my thoughts of self doubt and self imposed guilt. Because of Katrina’s skillful coaching, I can now identify when those limiting thoughts enter my mind.

This mindset shift has helped me start a successful new business, improve my communication with my husband and daughter, and lead a healthier life. I highly recommend her services; she has a true gift for helping people reach their full potential."

~ Leah Reinert, Pinterest Strategist  

"Katrina has her unique way of making complicated things so easy to understand and apply. This has not just been true in coaching with her to build my business but in balancing my personal and mom life also. I am very thankful for her help and guidance and so excited to see where we are going next!"

~ Carla Weiland, health coach  


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