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Learn to Sell in a Soulful Way in Your Coaching Business

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think about sales?

Sleazy? Slimy? Anxiety? 

Those are often the most common words my clients share with me when we dive into sales.

So if you feel like this too, know that nothing is wrong with you. It’s really normal.

If you’re like most of my clients, you haven’t had a lot of experience selling your services or asking people to pay you.  There’s a lot of fear and discomfort that comes up for coaches when they’re starting their businesses and learning to sell. But I’m here to help change that.

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You CAN completely shift the way you think about selling and the way you show up and sell in your business. You really can create a business and learn to sell in a soulful way.

Need a few tips about how to sell in a soulful way so you can get started? 

Selling is serving.

Your potential clients are struggling with something you can help them with. Instead of thinking of selling as being sleazy or slimy, consider that selling is about you showing up and being helpful. 

Resource (blog post): Sales Doesn’t Have to Feel Sleazy

Selling is about building relationships without expectations.

As a coach, you care about people. You’re in this business to help people. And every successful coaching business is built on relationships. Selling is about building relationships, getting to know people, listening, and sharing helpful information – all without any expectations. 

Selling is an exchange of value.

As coaches we show up, meet people, share value, and when someone is interested in working with us, we invite them to do so. They get coaching and the results they came for and we get paid for our services. It’s a win/win relationship, always.

I love helping my clients shift their thinking about selling and realize it’s not as scary as they’re making it out to be inside their heads. 

The fear of having to sell in a way that we don’t like to be sold to is what gets in our way. But you get to decide what you want to think about selling and how you want to sell. You can absolutely choose to sell in a soulful way.

One Last Note!

If you know that selling is one of the lifelines of your business but you’re struggling to feel confident to show up and sell regularly, I’d love to help you. My 1:1 coaching program is designed to help coaches build the foundational pieces of their businesses and help them gain visibility and sales through organic marketing and soulful sales practices. If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you, click here and send me an email. We can then schedule your free consultation call so you can learn more about how us working together could impact you and your business.

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