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How Being Like a Gardener Can Help You Grow Your Business

The other day my daughter and I decided we would plant our garden again this year. We didn’t do it last year so we were super excited to get back into it. Stay with me. I promise this challenge the way you think about how to grow your business.

We brainstormed our favorite veggies and herbs to have and she designed it so the sun would be able to hit everything equally. Then, when the sun finally came out, we were able to get outside and make a game plan for tilling up the soil and getting our garden beds ready for planting. 

But halfway through the manual labor (that took a lot more effort than either of us anticipated) my daughter sat down. She looked at me with red cheeks and a sweaty forehead and said, “This was a lot more fun before it was so much work.”

I can’t stop thinking about her comment and how well it relates so well to building our businesses. 

Most of us jump in with so many amazing ideas. We look at the success others have had, and the possibility for what we could create is so exciting. 

But the reality is that most entrepreneurs aren’t successful. And I can’t help but think that part of the reason is that it’s a lot more fun to grow a business before it’s so much work. 

Building a business requires hard work and discipline. There are many coaches out there selling 100k businesses in 6 months, 20k months in 3 months, and 15k in 30 days. 

While these results aren’t impossible, there are usually a lot of factors (that aren’t mentioned) that helped create those results. 

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How to Be Like a Gardener to Grow Your Coaching Business

Instead of chasing seemingly impossible results, I encourage you to be like a gardener. 

Do the difficult work of preparing your business and yourself for success and failure. 

1.Plant the seeds of your business by building relationships. 

2. Water the seeds of your business by nurturing your relationships. 

3. Pull the weeds of your business by not getting distracted by the shiny objects and instead remaining involved in the few necessary things that are required to build a simple, enjoyable, and fruitful business. 

4. Trust the process, commit to playing the long game, and know that the more you show up and continue to do the work (both on yourself and in your business) the more results you’ll create. 

Can you relate to wishing your business was further along than it is or thinking that it’s taking so much more effort than you expected? If so, know that nothing has gone wrong. You just underestimated the amount of effort and time it was going to take to create the results you want to create. Readjust your expectations, recommit to your goal, and get out there and take action to create the impact you know you were here to make.

One Last Note!

If you’re ready to grow your business and you’d like help building the foundations that you’ll use for years to come, I’d love to partner with you through my 1:1 coaching program, Dream Business Blueprint. I only have 2 spots available for the month of June.  Just click here to email me for details.

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