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Sales Doesn’t Have to Feel Sleazy

Really! Selling doesn’t have to feel sleazy, slimy, or weird. But if it does for you, I get it.

When I started my business the thought of selling felt awful.

What Often Think Sleazy When We Hear the Word Selling

For me when I’d think about selling I’d immediately have visions of the pushy car salesman I dealt with in my mid 20’s. I bought my first new car by myself and had no idea what I was doing. He had a hay day.

Selling used to make me feel so uncomfortable that I when I started my business I avoided it altogether. But I learned the hard way that if I wasn’t willing to sell my services, I wasn’t going to have a successful business. Which meant I wasn’t going to help people or make the impact I knew I was capable of. So I hired a coach to help me.

My Current Thoughts About Sales Are Anything But Sleazy

Here’s what I know now…

Selling is serving. It’s about building relationships without any attachment to the outcome. It’s about sharing value and helping people.  Some of those people will learn from what you share and then maybe take what they learn and create more value.  Some won’t be interested in what you share. Some will want to collaborate with you. And some will want to pay you because they see the value in what you’re sharing.

I love to think that when a client’s interested in working with me, they also want to pay me.  It’s a win win.  It’s an exchange of value that serves both of us.  I charge the amount that I believe my services are worth and that I can overdeliver on. In exchange, my clients want to pay me for the value I provide. They want to pay because they believe in the value of my coaching. And it encourages them to show up to their highest capacity when they invest in themselves. 

Resources (blog post): How to Sell Your Work and Not Feel Sleazy

Choose How You Want to Approach Selling 

I get to decide how I want to sell and what that looks like for me. You get to do the same. (This is your business after all. 😉 )

This is how I choose to see selling now.

Selling is not…

  • Sleazy
  • Cold messaging
  • Manipulative
  • Scary
  • Expecting a result from someone
  • Demanding
  • Being tied to a result
  • Something for nothing

Resource (blog post): How to Overcome Your Fear Of Social Selling

Selling is…

  • Serving
  • An exchange of value
  • Helping
  • Building relationships
  • Solving problems
  • Sharing
  • Connecting
  • Being honest

The next time you find yourself stuck in the mind drama of thinking that sales are gross, notice your thoughts. Go back to the idea that selling is serving. Think about how you can show up today and build a relationship with your potential clients and help them. We like to make it more complicated than that. But let’s keep this simple. Selling really doesn’t have to be so hard.

If you’re struggling with selling because you’re not sure who your ideal client is or how you help them, I can help you. Grab my free guide below to help you identify your ideal client and nail your niche. When you know who you help and the problem you help them solve, creating your offer and selling it becomes so much easier.

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