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3 Reasons to Niche Down in Your Coaching Business

3 reasons you want to niche down in your coaching business 📢

Let me first share my unpopular opinion. You don’t have to niche down to make money. I know some coaches who have been very successful as general life coaches. So it’s possible.  I was a general life coach who had allll the drama about niching down when I first started my coaching business. I thought I was too multi-passionate to niche down and I was afraid if I’m being honest. So I didn’t niche down. I just got out there and offered my services as a general life coach. And it worked.

But I also got to a point where I knew I was ready to niche down. And when I reached this point, the drama was gone. It was just a decision really. It was about me deciding I was ready to commit to my niche and making the decision to stick with it for at least a year. 

It’s now been a little less than a year since I made that decision and I have no regrets or interest in changing my niche and my coaching business is growing. I’m so thrilled I made that decision for so many reasons. Below I’m sharing the three main reasons I think you want to niche down in your business. 

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When you narrow down your niche in your coaching business, you’re able to…

  Cut through the online noise and connect with your ideal clients more easily

The online space can feel really busy. It can feel like you’re creating content and throwing it out into an ocean of other really amazing content likely never to be seen again. But when you share a message that is created for your target market and it’s focused on helping them solve their most pressing problem, your ideal client is able to hear your message so much more easily. 

It makes it seem as if you’re no longer floating in a sea of other creators trying to reach your ideal client but instead sitting side by side with your ideal client having a one on one conversation that they’re thoroughly engaged in.

  Create content without feeling overwhelmed 

I haven’t met a coach who hasn’t felt overwhelmed or even burnt out from having overdone it on the content creation treadmill at one point or another. One of the things that made creating content so overwhelming for me when I didn’t have a niche was that I was talking about everything. I struggled to narrow down my content pillars because I was helping everyone with everything. When it came to creating content I would sit and stare at my screen overthinking which topic to cover for that day.

When I decided to niche down I also got really clear about what specifically I helped my clients with. I narrowed that down to 3 main things and those became my content pillars. This is exactly what I help my clients do now too. 

Once my clients decide on their niche I help them clearly define their 3-5 content pillars within that niche. When you have 3-5 content pillars and a variety of topics that fall under each one, you will never run out of content ideas or wonder what you should talk about again. This cuts content creation time down significantly and frees you up to spend more time doing the things you really love in your coaching business. 

  Be seen as the expert in your niche

One of the things my clients often share with me as we start working together is that they feel like they aren’t interesting. When they think this they struggle to show up boldly or stand out. What I like to remind them of is that first of all, everyone is interesting to someone. And what’s more important than being interesting is solving a problem for your ideal client. 

Your ideal clients don’t want to work with you because you’re interesting. That might be part of why they end up hiring you. But the reason your clients hire you is because you have a solution to the problem they’re struggling with. The more you focus on helping your clients solve that problem, the better you get at helping them get massive results. When you do this, you become known for one thing. You are seen as the expert. And just like medical professionals who specialize, you not only get really good at helping your clients get the results they came for, you can also charge a premium for the specialized services you provide.

Resource (blog post): The Coaches Guide to Finding Your Niche

One Last Note!

So, if you’re on the fence about whether to narrow down your niche or not, remember this,  it’s just a decision. If you’re ready to save time, create more money, serve your clients at a higher level, and create more joy in your life and business, I’d love to help you choose a niche you love.  Click here to grab my free guide to nail your niche and identify your ideal client.

If you’re ready to skip this step and learn more about my business building 1:1 coaching program, let’s chat! Click here to email me and schedule your complimentary consultation call to see if coaching with me would be best for you.

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