01.  A detailed explanation for how to identify your target market, your niche, and your ideal client

02. Prompts and questions to help you nail your perfect niche that you can't wait to tell everyone about

03. Detailed questions to help you get clear about who your ideal client really is and details explaining how to use that information to simplify your marketing

04. An example of an "I help" statement and an outline to help you create your own "I help" statement so you know exactly how to tell people what you do and how you can help them

THE Features

Grab this free guide to nailing your niche and identifying exactly who your ideal client is. When you learn who you're talking to, the things they're struggling with, and how you help them solve those problems like nobody else does, everything in your business becomes so much easier... and so much more fun!

This guide is a powerful tool for attracting your ideal clients to you, simplifying your marketing, and selling with ease. Because building your business doesn't have to be so dang complicated. 

Learn the art of attracting your ideal clients...
with less stress and overwhelm.

Grab Your Free Guide to Nailing Your Niche and Identifying Your Ideal Client