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Stop Trying to Make Everyone Happy

When you come from a service profession you learn that your job is to make everyone happy.

As an educator I built a successful career around making my students, their parents, and my administration happy. 

Here’s What Happened When I Tried to Make Everyone Happy in My Business

When I started building my business I tried to do the same thing I had done in education.  

I tried focusing my messaging on everyone. I tried helping everyone with everything. And I bounced around from idea to idea so I could include everyone and make sure everyone’s needs were met.

I changed my packages to accommodate my potential clients’ needs. I set my pricing so it would be affordable for everyone. I even let one client negotiate her coaching package with me! (I know, rookie mistake!)

Resource (blog post): “Know Your Worth”: How to kick the people pleasing habit and strengthen your business at the same time

Here’s What I Learned

I wasn’t happy. And I was attracting some clients, but not my dream clients.

So I decided to do what felt really uncomfortable at the time. I started listening to what I wanted and what felt right for me. I narrowed my niche and focused on talking only to my ideal client and only about the problem she was struggling to solve.

I created coaching packages that I loved and I knew I could overdeliver on.

I priced my coaching packages so I would show up in full service for my clients. I also priced my coaching packages so I would attract clients who believed enough in themselves, in me, and in my work to invest in themselves.

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Everyone’s Happy Now, Right?

Is everyone happy with me? Nope!

But I am! And my dream clients love working with me. 

Repelling the people who aren’t genuinely interested in working with you creates space for your hell yes clients that can’t wait to work with you. 

Have you ever been guilty of trying to make everyone else happy?

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