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Create the Perfect Offer for Your Ideal Client

What Is Your Offer and What Results Do You Help Your Client Get?

“Offer? I don’t even know what I offer. Actually if I’m being honest I don’t even know how to explain exactly what my clients get from working with me.” Does this sound familiar? If so, I see you.  And I’m here to help.

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You’re Not Alone if You Don’t Have An Aligned Offer Yet

As a new coach I remember jumping feet first into my coaching businesses.  I loved coaching so much.  I wanted to share everything I’d learned and I really wanted to make a big impact in the world.  Actually, I know this is cheesy, but I felt like I’d won the lottery when I found coaching. I knew it was exactly what I was always meant to do.

But I quickly realized that coaching and building a coaching business were very different things. I was confident in my coaching skills but there were so many other things to learn and do in order to build my coaching business.  It was overwhelming if I’m being honest.  But despite feeling overwhelmed and a bit unsure of what exactly I should be doing I just started taking action, messy action.  As I look back I realize there were some steps I missed along the way. Those steps could have really simplified things for me.

One of the things I struggled with was clearly identifying what I helped my ideal client with. Because I had a hard time identifying this, I also had a hard time crafting an offer that was specifically created for my ideal client and the exact problem they were struggling with.

Stop Playing Small

I don’t want you to doubt the impact you’re able to create.  I don’t want to see you playing small by hiding your valuable ideas. And I definitely don’t want you to keep putting off creating that perfect offer that you love and your ideal clients really want.

Instead, I want to help you craft your one simple offer.  You know, that one simple offer that’s exactly what your ideal client wants but is also an offer you believe in wholeheartedly.

In this blog post I’m sharing prompts and questions to help walk you through the steps you need to take to create that irresistible offer your ideal clients are waiting for.

7 Steps to Creating Your Perfect Offer

1. Identify Who Your Ideal Client Is

Make sure you’ve clearly identified who your ideal client is. Know what they’re struggling with and know the problem they really wish someone could help them solve.  If you haven’t done this work, you won’t want to move ahead.  This step is vital.  If you want help getting really clear about who your ideal client is, click here to grab my freebie, Nail Your Niche and Identify Your Ideal Client.

2. Gain Clarity Around the Problem You Help Your Client Solve

Once you have your ideal client clearly identified, answer this question:

What’s the one problem I help my ideal client solve?

Make sure you’re really specific here.  Get in your ideal client’s head.  Use their language.  Instead of using vague phrases like, ‘live their best life’ or ‘get unstuck’ make sure to be really specific. What will they stop doing? What will they start doing? How will their life be different? What will their tangible results be?

3. Identify the Obstacles Your Client Is Facing

Within that problem, what are the 3 main things that get in the way of your ideal client having the solution you help them achieve?  These could be things such as habits they have that don’t help them, obstacles they struggle with, beliefs they have about themselves that stop them from taking action, or specific fears they face.  Brainstorm a list and then narrow it down to 3.

Look at each of those 3 struggles and then write down what your ideal client wants instead.  You’ll want to do this for each one. This will give you a birds’ eye view of the before and after journey your client will have gone through after working with you.

4. Brainstorm How You Help Them Solve Their Problem

Again look at each of the 3 struggles your ideal client has. For each one, brainstorm and write down 2 ways you help your client overcome each obstacle and achieve what they want.

5. Build the Pathway Your Client Will Travel to Get from Point A to Point B

Last time, I promise! Look carefully at each of the things you identified as struggles for your ideal client.  Then look carefully at how you help your ideal client get where they want to be instead.  There’s a gap between where they are and where they want to be. Your job is to build a pathway or bridge that outlines the journey you will take your client through to achieve the results they want to create.

You’re going to start with the end in mind.  So, pretend that your ideal client has the result you help them achieve. You’re going to reverse engineer the process your ideal client went through to get the result they now have.  Write out the specific tools you use and the steps you help them take throughout this journey to help them get from where they were to where they are now. 

Yay!  Now you know who your ideal client is, what exactly they’re struggling with, what they really want, what you help them achieve, and how you help them achieve that. Now it’s time to package this up and craft an offer your ideal client finds irresistible.

6. Make a Decision About the Type of Offer You Want to Create

Decide how you want to deliver your offer. This is called your process. Will it be a 1:1 or group coaching program? Will you provide extra support to your clients throughout this process? For example, will they have access to you through Voxer, email, phone, or texting? If so, how often? 

7. Make a Decision About How Much You Will Charge for Your Offer

Finally, decide on your pricing. Consider how you’re delivering your coaching, your experience and expertise, what you can charge knowing that you’ll be able to over deliver on that price, and what feels right for you. I like to practice saying my price out loud and listen to myself to gauge what I feel aligned with.

One Last Note!

Congratulations!  You did it!  You now have an offer that’s not only aligned with you but is also focused on helping your ideal client solve the problem they’re struggling with most. Now you can take all of this information and get out there and share your important and impactful work!

If you’d like more help identifying your ideal client, nailing your niche, and crafting your ‘I help’ statement, so you can then create the perfect offer for your ideal client, I’d love to help you! I created this guide that help you identify exactly who you help and what you help them with. This is a vital first step in getting your business off the ground. Grab your free guide below!

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