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Overcome Your Fear And Nail Your Niche

Have you been playing around with the idea that you’d like to narrow down and nail your niche but then your fears get in the way? I get it. I’ve been there too.

For many new coaches, the thought that they need to narrow down their niche is really uncomfortable.  But it really doesn’t have to be.  Here are 9 reasons many coaches are afraid to narrow their niche and how you can think about these fears differently.

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1. You don’t know what you have to offer so finding a more narrow niche feels impossible.

We all have something to offer.  You do, I do, everyone does.  When we’re younger we lean into the possibility of what we might do based on what we’re good at and what we love doing.  But as we age we often move into a career and stop thinking about what’s possible for us. We stop looking at our skills, talents, and passions. When you’re wanting to find your niche, it’s important to allow yourself time to dream again.  Set aside some time to consider what you’re good at, what experiences you’ve had that you could teach someone about, and what you’re passionate about.

2. You have no idea what your niche should be.

There is no one right niche.  Everyone is unique and their niche will be a bit unique too. Finding an aligned niche is personal.  Diving into your story and your personal experiences will help you decide what you feel most connected to, what skills you have, and what experiences you’ve had that would allow you to help someone else solve their problem. 

3. You think if you narrow down and nail your niche you’ll run out of content.

When you narrow down your niche, you will have less things to talk about or create content about than if you had no niche.  But instead of thinking that this means you’ll run out of content, consider the positive impact of speaking on only a few specific topics. It simplifies content creation because it allows you to focus on those few topics that your ideal client wants to hear about. When you are only focused on a few specific topics, it not only simplifies things for you but it also allows your message to be crystal clear. When your message is really clear, your ideal client can hear it so much more easily.  It’s often said in the online space that if you feel like you’re repeating yourself, you’re doing it right.

4. You’re overwhelmed by all the potential niche options.

There are so many options for which niche to choose. But you will not be aligned with every niche option.  Instead of thinking about all the options, start by considering a few that seem interesting or appealing to you. Get clear about why those are appealing to you and what you like about them.  Think about what you’d like to focus on and why. Consider your personal experiences and how those might give you the experience to become the expert within one particular niche. The more you dive into your story and start to consider what you want, the more your aligned niche will reveal itself to you.

5. You think all moms (fill in the blank with whomever you choose) need what you offer.

Part of clarifying your niche is clarifying and narrowing down who your ideal client is. Choosing moms as your ideal client is much too broad of a target market.  Instead we want to narrow this group down so your ideal client can self identify and recognize whether or not they are your ideal client.  You want it to be a specific, targeted group of people so you can speak clearly to the unique things they’re struggling with and want help with.

6. You think changing audiences will take too long.

Focusing on growing your number of followers isn’t what creates a profitable business. You create a profitable business by having an audience who wants what you offer. When you’re clear about who you work with, what they’re struggling with, and how you help them solve their problem, you will attract an audience who wants to work with you.  The more you’re clear about your niche, the faster you’ll be able to grow a connected and engaged audience.  This is how you grow a profitable business.

7. You think you’ll miss out on clients.

When you niche down, you will repel people. That’s actually a good thing. The people you repel don’t want what you’re offering. This opens the door for you to build an audience of ideal clients who want what you’re offering and want to buy from you. Don’t think of it as missing out on clients. Think of it as creating room for the perfect clients.

Resource (blog post): The Importance of Narrowing Down Your Niche

8. You’re worried you’ll choose the wrong niche.

There is no right niche for every person.  There is an aligned niche for each person though.  Taking time to mine your personal story will provide you with a gold mine of information that will connect you to your aligned niche. From there choose the one you connect with and try it out for 6 to 9 months. If at that time, you don’t feel connected to your niche, then you can always make a different decision. Your niche is not something that you have to commit to forever.

Resource (blog post): A Complete “Profitable Niche” Checklist

9. You’re multi-passionate and you think having a narrow niche will put you in a box that stifles your passions.

First of all, there are no rules that say you have to niche down.  If not having a niche is working for you and you like the results you’re creating without one, then, you do you.  But if you’re ready to simplify things and find a niche that you love, that’s also an option for you.  If you’re multi-passionate, typically when you mine your story you’ll find common threads throughout your passions and experiences. Those common threads are useful in helping you narrow down your niche. They give you insight into who you are, what you’re most passionate about, what you value, and what your unique experiences are. Your niche is never meant to put you in a box.  I’d argue that it actually helps you simplify your business so you can focus less energy on content and more energy on the things that really matter to you, like making an impact.

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One Last Note!

Your brain likes to offer so many reasons not to narrow down your niche.  And they seem like very real fears.  But all your brain is trying to do is protect you.  To your brain, narrowing down your niche feels dangerous.  So it’s trying to stop you from doing that by creating these negative thoughts.  Nothing has gone wrong. You can acknowledge your brain for trying to protect you.  And you can decide to make this move to simplify and grow your business anyway.

If you’re struggling to narrow down your niche and your brain is offering you all kinds of dramatic thoughts, I can help.  I’ve created a guide to help walk you through identifying who your ideal client is and getting clarity on your niche.  Grab my free guide below!

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