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Niche Drama and What to Do About It

Struggling With Niche Drama?

Finding your perfect niche doesn’t have to be so dang hard.  You’re probably just looking for it in the wrong place. You won’t find your niche by looking around at what other people are doing. Nor will you find it by looking at how they’re doing it because your niche is personal.

Instead of looking around at what everyone else is doing to find your perfectly aligned niche, get quiet with yourself.  Because your niche is inside you.  When you take time to mine your personal story, you’ll find a niche that is meant for you.

When you spend your time focusing on someone else’s niche, or the niche that seems like it’s the most profitable, you’re focusing your energy in the wrong places.

One of the most important steps in building a profitable business is making sure your niche is aligned with who YOU are.  And if you’re only looking at what’s profitable for someone else, you’re missing this vital step.  What works for and is in alignment with someone else isn’t necessarily what will work for or be in alignment for you.

So put your blinders on, get to know yourself, and create your niche based on your unique skills, passions, and experiences.

Focus on building your aligned niche as the foundation of your business.  And then build your business from the place of true belief in your ability to help your ideal clients with the problem you help them solve.

When you build your business from this place, your success is inevitable.

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Why Are You Spinning In Niche Drama Anyway?

Have you ever wondered what’s creating all the niche drama for you? Because if we’re being honest, your niche doesn’t create drama.  A niche is just a decision you can make if you want. The thoughts you have about making that decision are what’s creating the drama for you.  So what feels like drama is actually just your brain trying to keep you safe. In this case it’s doing that by encouraging you not to trying anything new. 

But the good news is that you don’t have to believe the thoughts your brain is creating.  Really, believing those thoughts is optional.  When you spin in indecision and drama just notice that you’ve made a choice to do that.  If you want to do something different, you can.  You can choose on purpose to make a decision. That’s really what choosing a niche is. It’s just a decision you can choose to make.

Here are a few things I like to believe and do when it comes to making decisions:

1. There are no right or wrong decisions. I can make a decision and move forward in a way that I think will work well for me.  It either does or I notice that something isn’t working well. If it isn’t working well I trust that I can make adjustments to my plan to fix it.  Either way I’m moving forward instead of staying stuck in indecision.

2. Making decisions becomes easier the more I practice making them. Just like learning to do anything, it takes practice to get better.

3. When I make decisions based on what other people think I should be doing, or based on what other people are doing, I’m often left second guessing myself or feeling like I made the wrong decision. By asking myself what I really want and need, listening to myself, and trusting my intuition I can make a decision that not only feels right but also falls into place so much more easily.

The 3 Most Common Fears My Clients Have When It Comes to Niching Down and What to Do About Them

Now, you’re probably thinking about all the reasons why having a really narrowed down niche isn’t for you.  I get it.  It can be scary thinking that you’re only going to talk to a small group of people about a specific topic. So let’s talk about 3 of the most common fears my clients have when it comes to niching down and what to do about them if they come up for you.

1. I’m a multi-passionate person. I’m afraid that by having a specific niche I’m going to be boxed in, my creativity is going to be stifled, and I’m going to be bored.

Having a niche doesn’t mean you have to say the exact same thing everyday.  In fact, I don’t suggest you do that.  Having a niche means you know what your ideal client is struggling with and what they want instead. And you’ve identified the main problem you help them solve and how you help them solve it. When you know this, you can create content that’s focused on these specific topics. It makes content creation easier for you, and it helps your ideal client hear your message and know right away whether or not you can help them.

2. I’m worried I’m going to pick the wrong niche.

One of the first things I like to have my clients do when they’re wanting to niche down is mine their story.  When they look back at their own personal journey and dive into their passions, the obstacles they’ve overcome, the things they’re good at, what they’ve learned, and what they really want to help someone with, choosing their niche becomes so much easier.  It’s when we look around us at what other people are doing and choose a niche because we think we should, that we make decisions that aren’t meant for us. Instead, put your blinders on and focus on your strengths, interests, and personal experiences to help you choose your perfect niche.

3. I’m worried I’m going to leave people out or I’ll be talking to a really small group.

This was one of my fears for sure.  For me this one stemmed from being a people pleaser.  I was a people pleaser in my personal life and work life.  As an educator I worked hard to make sure that everyone (my students, parents, administrators, community members, and colleagues) was happy with me and my work.  When I then moved into entrepreneurship and intentionally focused on only helping one specific group of people, it felt really uncomfortable. 

But I started thinking of marketing on social media like speaking to people on a busy New York street. With an unclear message, people can’t hear me and they pass me by.  That’s what you’re doing on social media when you don’t have a niche.  Having a niche helps your ideal clients hear your message, stop, listen, and decide how they want to interact with you and work with you.  But this only happens when you know who you’re talking to, what they’re struggling with, and how you help them solve that problem.

Mine Your Story and Begin to Create Your Aligned Niche With This Journaling Exercise

Set aside some time to journal and reflect on your personal experiences to help you begin the process of finding your niche.

Here are 6 prompts you can think about. These will help you dive into your story and your unique experiences so you can begin to create a niche you finally feel really excited about and connected to.

  1. What struggles have you overcome that have changed the way you think about and do things?M
  2. Make a list of the things you’ve learned that have opened up new doors for you or changed the way you think and do things.
  3. What mindset shifts have you had that have allowed you to create the results you currently have?
  4. Brainstorm the skills and knowledge you have from your past experiences.
  5. What are you so passionate about that you want to share it with everyone?
  6. Consider the type of advice or help people come to you for.

Now, notice the patterns. Notice who you want to help, what you’re really interested in helping them with, and how you would help them. This is one of the most important first steps in narrowing down your perfect niche.

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One Last Note!

If you’re really wanting to dive into mining your story and finding your perfectly aligned niche and identifying your ideal client, I created my freebie just for you. I created a guide to walk you through the process of mining your story to find a niche that is meant just for you. I also guide you through the steps that will help you find your ideal client so you know exactly who you’re talking to, what they are struggling with most, and what they really want. You’ll also figure out how you help them solve their problem.

I just know you’re going to love this freebie! Click here to grab your Guide to Nail Your Niche and Identify Your Ideal Client.

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