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Redefine Success as an Entrepreneur

It’s time to redefine what success looks like as an entrepreneur.

If you’re anything like me, you were attracted to entrepreneurship in part because of the potential for how much money you could make.

For me, witnessing so many online entrepreneurs sharing their financial wins opened the door to the possibility of what I could create if I jumped in with both feet.

And I was intrigued.

Not to mention the fact that I could make money doing the thing I was born to do… help people.

So I jumped in, all in!

The Truth Revealed

But in the past few years as an entrepreneur the curtain has been pulled back on the realities that many new entrepreneurs face:

  • working more hours than they did in their 9-5
  • feeling the need to be on social media and available to everyone at all times
  • having a constant need to hit that next goal to feel worthy
  • trying to force themselves into boxes that hold them back from being their truest selves and instead leave them feeling constricted, pretending to be someone they’re not and wondering what’s wrong with them

These realities have all come together to create a perfect storm that’s shifting what entrepreneurs want and how they define success.

Leaning Into a New Definition of Success

While financial freedom is of course something entrepreneurs still desire (a business without money isn’t really a business, right?), I’m seeing more of a focus on creating higher quality money.

And I’m 100% on board!

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We aren’t on this entrepreneurial journey just to make money. We aren’t here to make money at the expense of all the other things we truly value in our lives.

We’re here to create high quality money while also intentionally creating lives that light our souls on fire. We’re here to boldly decide what we want. We’re here to learn to trust ourselves and believe that we can create everything we want.

Less rules, less boxes to fit in, less hustle, less doubt, less comparison, less consuming, less looking outside ourselves for the answers, less pretending, less exhaustion

More freedom, more time, more energy, more self care, more self trust, more courage to be ourselves, more knowing, more being, more intentional action, deeper connections, more quality family time, more fun, more pleasure

Resources (blog post): A Shift Is Occurring in the Online Marketing Space

Here’s what I’ve noticed to be true.

When you intentionally create more of this, your needs are taken care of.

And you don’t NEED anything from your business or clients.

When you come from this place, your business becomes something you desire.

You show up in sufficiency.

You show up in love and service.

You show up powerfully.

And you create higher quality clients and money.

This is success to me.

You Too?

If this is the success that the next level version of you is craving and ready to step into, I would love to help you. Click here to email me and schedule a consult call to learn more about 1:1 coaching with me.

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