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How to Sign a Life Coaching Client Today

Building your coaching business will lead you on one of the greatest personal development journeys that you likely didn’t realize you needed.

Most coaches jump into coaching because they want to help others, create businesses they love, make an impact, and make an income while making a difference in the world. But most of the coaches I work with quickly figure out that even the first step of telling people they’re a life coach can be a challenge. 

Thinking about being a life coach and BEING a life coach are two very different things. Creating our businesses starts with our beliefs about who we are and what we’re capable of creating. 

With empowering beliefs we can step more fully into the identity of a life coach.

So, be honest with yourself right now. 

  • What are you believing about yourself as a life coach right now?
  • What do you believe about the results you can create in your business today?

I was coaching a client on this recently and she shared very honestly that she thinks she’s in disbelief.

She wants results to help her believe.

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Can you relate to this?

I know I can.

I remember having a hard time telling my colleagues I was a life coach. I was questioning myself and worried about what other people would think about me. Especially because I was beginning this journey and hadn’t yet created any real results.

It wasn’t until I owned the identity of a life coach that things in my business started to shift. From the outside nothing changed. But internally, I was changing who I was being.

I want you to go back to middle school for a minute. (Scary, I know!)

  • Notice what you believed about your future.
  • What did you believe about graduating?
  • What did you believe about college?
  • What did you believe about your career?

I always believed I would graduate and go to college. There wasn’t ever any doubt. 

I had no proof that I could actually do those things but I chose to believe them anyway.

And I carried those beliefs with me until they were my reality.

This is what becoming a life coach requires – belief ahead of time, belief without any results to fall back on, belief regardless of what anyone else says or does, internal belief!

Check In With Your Beliefs

  • What are you believing right now about yourself as a coach?
  • Who are you being?
  • How are those beliefs and ways of being creating the results you have in your business right now?

If the results you have right now aren’t what you want, nothing has gone wrong. 

But let’s get curious about why you don’t have the results you want.

One of the things I help my clients with is moving into the energy of creating results today. 

Let’s try this out. 

Imagine that you signed a client today.

  • What thoughts helped you sign that client?
  • What feelings fueled you so you could sign that client?
  • What actions did you intentionally take to sign that client?
  • Who were you being?
  • How can you show up as this version of yourself each day? 

The more you’re willing to try on this new identity and BE her, the more you will create the results you want.

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One Last Note!

If you know you were meant to be a life coach but you’re struggling to courageously share your work with the world, I can help you. Just email me at and let’s schedule a free consultation call to see if my 1:1 coaching program would be a good fit for you.

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