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How to Make More Money as a Life Coach in 2022

I see you, Coach. You’ve been building your coaching business for a while now. You’re getting clients here and there but you thought you’d be further along by now.  You’ve listened to all the gurus. You’re doing so many of the things they’re telling you to do to try to get your message out there and connect with your ideal clients.  You’re ready to go all in on your business and make some bold decisions. But everything you’re learning seems important. So you’re having a hard time figuring out what to focus on to make more money in 2022 and what to let go of so you don’t have to hustle the whole way there.

Yes, You Can Figure Out How to Make More Money This Year

If this sounds familiar, I’ve got you.  I was in your shoes too trying to do more and more hoping that I’d find the secret to creating the results I really wanted. But in the process I realized I wasn’t creating the level of results that I wanted to or knew I was capable of creating.  And it started to feel so complicated. I could hear my internal voice start to question if I could actually figure this out.

Stop and Do an Audit on Your Business Foundations

I decided to take some intentional, focused time to get really clear about what was working, what my goals were, and what I was committed to creating. But I also took time to ask myself what wasn’t working and what I wanted to do differently.  

While I was doing this I realized I was making this whole thing so much more complicated than it needed to be. I was trying to do what everyone was saying and trying to talk to everyone. So I ended up in this cycle of creating programs, scratching them, and recreating new ones as soon as I thought they weren’t working. I was struggling to show up with a clear message because every couple of months my message was different. And I had a hard time selling because I was selling something new all the time. 

My Business Was Lacking the Foundations Needed to Make More Money

When I stepped back and took a bird’s eye view at what I was creating and what I wanted to create, I could see what was happening. I was doing so many thing that I was confused. And my ideal clients were too. I had multiple offers for multiple people at multiple price points. And I wasn’t selling very many of them because I was confused about which one to sell when. I wasn’t confident in what I was doing so when I didn’t get immediate results I made it mean something was wrong with what I was doing.  But underneath it all I was making it mean that something was wrong with me. 

So I decided to do two things:

  1. Simplify everything
  2. Stop making my results mean anything about me personally or my worth as a person.

These were game changers for me in my business and they’re now what I help my clients with too. 

Simplify to Make More Money

If you take one thing away from this blog post, let it be this: Simplify everything and focus on the power of ONE. 

One person (ideal client)

One offer (with one problem and one solution)

One platform

One simple sales plan

One mentor

That’s it, ONE. Do that for one year and see how your business grows.

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Make More Money by Doing Less

Building a business doesn’t have to be so dang complicated. We make it complicated when we doubt ourselves and listen to everyone. But what happens when we do this is we end up spinning in place without the results we want. We’re not taking purposeful action, we’re just being busy.  Instead I’m suggesting you do less and make bold decisions to simplify each piece of your business.  Doing this gives you so much more clarity in what you’re offering and it helps your ideal clients build their trust in you.  This is how you’ll create more money as a life coach in 2022.

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One Last Note!

If you’ve been doing all the things and you’re getting some results but you know you’re capable of more, I’d love to chat with you to see if we’d be a good fit for coaching together. I help coaches just like you take things off their plates so they can create more impact and money but also enjoy their businesses at the same time. Because let’s face it, right now this isn’t as much fun as you were hoping it would be. You absolutely can do this. And I’d love to help you. Send me a message to schedule a free consultation call for my 6 month foundation building coaching program. Let’s make 2022 your year to set your business up to soar!

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