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You’re Posting Consistently but Nobody’s Buying? Here’s Why

Does this sound familiar? You’re showing up consistently and putting your content out into the world but nobody’s buying. You’re spending a lot of time creating content and you’re starting to get discouraged because it’s not working. You’re starting to wonder what you’re doing wrong and if this will ever work. If this sounds familiar, I see you. Not too long ago I was in your shoes too. But here’s what I know now. You’re posting consistently but nobody’s buying because your messaging is unclear.

Here are the 3 most common messaging mistakes I see coaches make and what to do about them

1. You’re using words that are only used in the coaching world.

When you use coach speak, your messaging is confusing. You’re using words that are specific to the coaching world and most people don’t understand what you’re saying. Even if they understand what you’re saying, you’re not using words they would actually use. This doesn’t help them connect with what you’re saying or recognize themselves in your messaging.  This is why you’re posting consistently but nobody’s buying. So instead, drop all coaching or industry specific words and phrases. Instead use the words your ideal clients are actually using.

2. You’re using creative language.

Clear, simple messaging sells. When you use creative language in your content, program names, or captions, you end up confusing your audience. You have a few seconds to grab your reader’s attention. Do that by letting go of the need to sound professional or creative. Instead consider what your ideal client is thinking. Get clear about the actual words they use. Consider what they say they want and need. Think about how they feel. Then create your content and include the words they’re actually using. When you do this, you cut through the noise and speak directly to them. The problem you help them solve is clear. The solution you offer is clear. How your work is exactly what your ideal client needs is clear. When this is all clear, your ideal client can hear your message and recognize that it’s for them. This is how you create that know, like, and trust factor that leads your ideal clients to reach out and want to work with you.

3. You’re focused on the details of your offer and not the results.

Your ideal client doesn’t care about the details of your offer. They don’t want to know how many sessions they’ll get with you or what added features you include. They want to know how you can help them. Right now they’re struggling with the problem you help them solve. They need someone to teach them about their problem and help them see that the problem they have is optional. They’re looking to you for help with solving their problem. When you focus on the results they will get from working with you, they’re able to see the value in your offer.

Get in your ideal client’s head. Get clear about what they think they need. Pay attention to the solution they’re wishing they had. Notice what they think would help them solve their problem. Focus your messaging on what they think they need so they can clearly see your offer as a solution to their problem.

Resource (blog post): Create the Perfect Offer for Your Ideal Client

Creating Social Media Content that Sells

If you find that you’re posting consistently but nobody’s buying, do an audit of your messaging. Then when you create your next piece of content, remember that simple sells. Clear messaging sells.  Using your ideal client’s words sells. And remember, your messaging isn’t about you. 

Focus on your ideal client. Think about what your ideal client thinks, feels, and wants. And create your content based on what they’re struggling with and what they want instead. Make it simple, clear, and easy for your ideal client to read and connect to.  Shift your messaging to reflect this and watch your ideal clients start reaching out to you.

Resource (blog post): How to Create Social Media Content that Sells

One Last Note!

If you feel like something in your messaging is off or you notice that you’re posting consistently but you’re not signing clients, your messaging is probably unclear. If you’d like to see if working with me would help you confidently sell your offer and sign more high ticket clients, please reach out. Just email me at to schedule a free consultation call.

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