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Increase Sales in Your Coaching Business By Doing This

Are you struggling to increase sales in your coaching business? Most life coaches I’ve met have so many experiences that make them fabulous at coaching.  They’re driven to serve. They’re excellent listeners. They see the potential in people and have a desire to help them realize that potential.  And their lived experiences and professional careers have challenged them and helped them figure out how to problem solve, effectively communicate, overcome obstacles, and get what they want. 

So, why is it that they’re struggling to build their life coaching businesses?

Because they’re focusing on the wrong thing. They’re focusing on and listening to their fears. To increase sales in your life coaching business, acknowledge the fear but focus on serving your ideal client. 

Tell Me, Does This Sound Familiar?

You feel like you’ve won the lottery because you found coaching. It’s changed your life and you can’t wait to share it with the world. You know how impactful it can be and you want everyone to be able to experience its impact too.  

But when you get out there and try to share what you do with the world, you stumble and struggle to share your work in a way that actually connects with the people you really want to help.  So you’re not able to increase the sales in your business.

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Your thoughts take over and your inner dialogue sounds something like this:

  1. I don’t want to be too annoying.
  2. I hope I don’t sound like a sleazy car salesman.
  3. I’m still figuring out what I’m doing. How can I tell other people what I do?
  4. I need this to go perfectly. 
  5. I really need a client.
  6. What is everyone going to think when I tell them I’m a life coach?
  7. I hate selling. I’m so bad at it.  I just wish I could focus on coaching.

I’m sure you’re a fabulous coach. I know you wish you could outsource the marketing and selling so you could just focus on coaching. But building a successful life coaching business and being a solopreneur requires you to learn how to do all the things, at least for now.

Here are a few ways to move beyond the fear of selling and show up in a way that truly serves your clients.

1. Focus on your ideal client to increase sales in your coaching business.

Whenever you’re focused on what you look like, sound like, and whether or not you’re doing it perfectly, you’ve moved out of service. And you’re no longer focusing on serving your ideal clients. 

When this happens, just go back and remember who you’re serving. Think about what she wants from you. What is she struggling with? What is she wishing someone could help her with? What’s getting in the way of her feeling happy, successful, or at peace? When you think of her and focus on how you can help her, it’ll be easier to get over your fear and feel certain about what you’re doing and why.

2. Let go of your fear about what your friends, colleagues, and family think of you. 

It can be uncomfortable to step into the role of being a life coach. This is especially true if you had a career that seemed like part of your identity. Or this can also be true if you’re now coaching people on something that you were personally struggling with.  It’s easy to think about what your friends, colleagues, and family might be thinking about you. And, honestly, they might be judging you. But they get to be who they are. They get to think whatever they want. And so do you. The truth is, if they’re not interested in what you’re doing, they aren’t your ideal client. So stop focusing on them. Instead focus on your ideal clients.  

Your ideal clients want to work with you. They’re waiting for you to share your work and offer to help them. If you want to step fully into your identity as a life coach and serve your clients to your highest capacity, remember this. And then show up and serve the people who can’t wait to work with you.

3. Spend time thinking about where your ideal client is right now and where she wants to be.

Your ideal client is struggling to solve her problem, the problem you help her solve. If you’re spinning in your head thinking that you don’t know how to tell people what you do or how you help, go back to your ideal client.  Think about what she’s struggling with.  Get out there and talk with 5 – 10 people that you think are your ideal client. Ask them what they’re struggling with. Find out what they want help with. Notice the language they use to describe their problem. Get clear about where they are right now, what they’ve tried already, and what would be different in their life if they could solve this problem. The more you understand their problem and their desired outcome, the more you can create a coaching program that’s designed to help your ideal client get powerful results.

4. Use your ideal clients’ exact words in your marketing if you want to increase sales in your business.

The benefit of talking directly to your ideal client is that you can hear how she describes her situation. When you hear her explain this using her words, you can then use those exact words in your marketing. 

It’s common for coaches to use coach-speak. These are phrases like “live your best life” or “get unstuck” or “unlock your limiting beliefs.” The goal in marketing is to communicate with your ideal client in a way that helps them understand their problem. We can do this more easily when we use their exact language. If we use coach-speak we’re talking to our ideal client in a way that they don’t understand and don’t connect to their own personal experience. 

So, the next time you find yourself feeling uncomfortable to show up confidently and sell your offer with the world, remember to always go back and focus on your ideal client.  She’s your secret weapon that’ll help you show up more boldly in your business. With a clear understanding of who she is, what she’s struggling with, and what she wants your help with, your marketing and sales can be customized especially for her. 

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One Last Note!

If you’re uncertain about who you want to work with and how you want to help them, I’ve got you.  Grab my free guide below to nail your niche and identify your ideal client.

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