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3 Ways Your Backup Plan Is Holding Your Business Back

So you made the bold decision to go all in on your coaching business. You told your family and you were even brave enough to finally share the news with your boss.  To your relief your boss expressed the company’s sadness to see you go and reassured you that you could always come back. This is exactly what you wanted to hear. Now you have a backup plan in case things don’t work out. But you never considered how having a backup plan might be holding your business back.

Does this sound familiar? 

If so, here’s the truth. Your backup plan isn’t helping you. Actually, the opposite is true. 

Is Your Backup Plan Holding Your Business Back?

Be honest. Are you really going “all in” on your business? Or is your backup plan leaving you with one foot in your business and one foot in the safety zone?

I closed the door to my teaching career this past summer and decided to go all in on my coaching business.  I told myself that leaving my long-time career in education would be fine because I could always go back if I need to. My principal said he’d happily hire me back.  My colleagues and husband reassured me that if it didn’t work out, teaching or counseling would always be an option.

And while that helped to calm my fears and make it feel safe to take the leap, what it really did was keep me playing small and playing it safe. Once I realized this, I knew it was time to ditch the backup plan and actually go all in on my business, which really meant going all in on myself.

That’s when things really started to change for me.  And here’s what I realized about having a backup plan. 

3 Ways Your Backup Plan Is Holding You and Your Business Back

1. Your Backup Plan Is Dividing Your Focus and Holding Your Business Back

When you know what you want and you’re focused and committed to achieving that one thing, you go all in.  That means everything you think, feel, and do is focused on moving you closer to your one thing. 

When you have a backup plan though, your focus is divided. You’re working toward your business goals, but at the same time you’re distracted by the possibility that you might not be able to figure this out. And that distraction leads your brain to move you away focusing only on your business goals and figuring it out.  Instead, you end up dividing your focus and making sure the path to your backup plan is paved smoothly. 

Here’s the thing. Your brain loves to create thoughts that lead to confusion. Confusion keeps you from taking action and moving forward. Instead of doing the scary thing, you stay safe. Sometimes this looks like deciding again and again that you’re all in on your business while also deciding again and again that you have a solid back-up plan. This might look like not doing the really uncomfortable things that you know you need to do to build a business. Or maybe for you this looks like hiding behind your business instead of showing up, sharing your voice, owning your expertise, and being known for one thing. This could also look like being confused about your niche and trying to please everyone. 

Whatever this might look like for you, remember, be honest with yourself about what’s happening. It’s dividing your attention and keeping you from really committing to creating the results you want to create.

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2. Your Backup Plan Is Holding Your Business Back By Keeping You From Having to Feel Uncomfortable

While being uncomfortable is, well, uncomfortable, discomfort is required for growth. When we aren’t fully committed to something, it feels good.  We don’t have to make difficult decisions. We can do all the things without a clear end goal. And we don’t have to narrow down our focus or commit to doing less. Doing less and being really intentional requires us to set clear goals and step fully into the identity of a person who’s dedicated to achieving those goals, no matter what. 

When we have a backup plan, we postpone fully stepping into the identity of a life coach. We don’t fully embody this identity.  Which means we don’t fully believe we’re a life coach. When we don’t believe we are a life coach, we don’t create the powerful results we really want.

3. Your Backup Plan Is Increasing the Chances That You’ll Do Your Backup Plan

When you have a backup plan, you’re thinking about your backup plan. You’re making sure things are in place in case you need to rely on that alternative.  This means your thoughts and energy are focused on that instead of being focused on growing your business. Remember, where your thoughts go, your energy flows. This way of thinking and being increases the chances that you’ll end up needing to use your backup plan. 

Instead, spend your time and energy focused on what you really want. If you really want to grow your business, make a powerful decision to do just that. Take the leap and believe in yourself, your clients, and your coaching so much that you create the results you want. Go all in and trust that you can and will figure this out. When you do that, you no doubt will figure it out.

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One Last Note! 

Take some time to be honest with yourself.  Do you have one foot in your business and one foot in your backup plan? Are your thoughts and energy divided between these two? Do you really want to grow your business? Are you willing to get uncomfortable in order to create the results you’re capable of creating? 

I know you can do this. Your work and your message are too important not to be shared with the world. If you’re struggling to believe that you can create the results you want to create, I get it. I was in your shoes. But I also know this doesn’t have to be so dang complicated. 

If you’re ready to make the bold decision to go all in on your business, I can help. Grab my free guide below to take the first powerful move to grow your business. This guide will help you identify your ideal client and nail your aligned niche so you can get out there and start sharing your message today.

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