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Being Sensitive Is My Super Power

“Ugh, you’re crying again?!? Why are you so sensitive?”

I can’t count the number of times my brother said that to me when we were kids.

He used to think I was way too emotional and sensitive. I remember him being in trouble one time when he was in high school and my dad was talking to him about it in the hallway. My brother was stone faced. But me? I was crying. 

My husband once said that he thought being sensitive was a sign of weakness. I remember being so offended and angry. Then I remember thinking about it more and wondering if that could be true.  I started to really consider whether or not I wanted to believe that.

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What I Choose to Believe About Myself

And here’s what I decided to believe.  I’m amazingly strong in part because I feel my emotions deeply.  I know that emotions are natural and healthy and I do big things because I allow myself to feel my emotions. 

It’s because of this that I’ve made these courageous decisions in my life:

  • to study in Mexico for a year
  • to move halfway across the country to pursue a relationship with my husband
  • to leave a career of 16 years in education to build my life coaching business 

This summer my husband said he was having a conversation with friends about some of the courageous things they’ve done in their lives and he said he didn’t think anything they’d done was as brave as the things I’ve done. 

Being Sensitive Is One of My Super Powers

These relationships and conversations have helped me understand that I am sensitive AND that’s one of my super powers. I care deeply about things which means I get to experience this life fully. 

And I also know how to feel my emotions instead of shoving them down with alcohol, food, or overworking.  This is vital when building a business.

We are doing new and uncomfortable things regularly as coaches. Allowing our emotions instead of buffering by overworking, overdrinking, overeating, or over anything is one of the secrets to our success. 

This is one of the things I teach in my coaching and coach on regularly. The more we’re willing to do this, the greater our potential for success. (Actually I believe our success is tied directly to this.)

Were you ever told you were something you didn’t believe?

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