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How to Get More Clients In Your Business

My clients often come to me with this question:

“But where do I find clients?”

You’ve probably asked yourself that question too.

Maybe finding clients feels hard.  Maybe it feels like everyone else knows where their clients are. Maybe it feels like it’s easy for them, but for some reason it’s not working for you. You might feel disappointed, discouraged, and even a bit embarrassed. It’s just not working like you thought it would. 

And it’s starting to make you think things like…

I should be out finding clients.

I should be doing more.

I’m not doing enough.

This is so hard.

Nobody wants this.

Does what I’m doing even matter?

Can you relate?

I know I can.

But here’s the truth. The place you’re in right now, the one where you’re doubting whether or not this is working, is a temporary stop on your business building journey. Let’s get you moving!

Here’s what’s making this hard right now:

You think you NEED clients. You’re judging yourself for not doing enough so you keep doing more and more. Because you haven’t reached your goal yet, you’re making it mean that you weren’t cut out for this. So you’re micro-quitting on yourself everyday. And you’re comparing yourself to everyone else and you’re thinking that they have a secret you don’t.

But what if you shifted from trying to GET clients to CREATING clients?

Creating clients starts with WHO you’re being and what you’re thinking.

  • What would shift if you stopped thinking you need clients?
  • What would shift if you stopped telling yourself you don’t know where your clients are?
  • What would shift if you started believing that what you’re doing is working?
  • What would shift if you believed that clients are waiting to work with you right now?
  • What would shift if you were certain that your work mattered?
  • What would shift if you trusted that clients are coming?
  • What would shift if you started showing up from a place of love and service, not NEEDING anything?
  • What would shift if you thought of your business, clients, money, and time freedom as DESIRES instead of needs?
  • What would shift if you committed to showing up consistently until it worked?

This is your work. Your business was created from your desires. You don’t NEED clients. Your clients don’t need you. You have a desire to connect with your clients and love and serve them. You can feel the bigness of this desire and your work, your message, and your impact. 

When you show up from this place your message radiates out of you. The people who were meant to hear it will hear it. The people who want your message will get it. Your job is to trust in the process before you can tangibly see the results and then take intentional aligned action to create more of what you want.

It’s time to shift from getting clients to creating clients. It’s time to shift from lack to sufficiency. It’s time to be the creator of your desires.

It’s all working.  

This is the work we do together through one on one coaching. 

We partner together so you learn to create clients from the inside out.

You let go of the neediness, shame, embarrassment, and self doubt.

We open you up to creating clients in a new way. We focus on the relationship you have with yourself first. Because when your needs are met, you don’t need anything. Then your business and everything in it becomes a desire. When you show up from this place, you become a lighthouse that shines bright and your clients are drawn to you. This is how you create clients from nowhere. 

This isn’t business building from a rigid formula. This is boutique business building that’s based on your truest soul level desires.

Resource (blog post): 12 Strategies to Attract Clients to Your Coaching Practice

If you’re ready to dive deeper into this work, I’m ready to help you. Click here to email me and learn more about 1:1 coaching with me. Are you coming?

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