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5 Steps to Accepting Your Body Now

The life you want, the clothes you want, the trip you want to take, the relationships you desire, the job you wish you had, the love you wish you felt?

Stop waiting for it!

All of it is available to you right now.

So many women are waiting to really go after their dream lives.  They’re waiting until their bodies are good enough, thin enough, toned enough, young enough, or pretty enough.

The reality is that your body is what you decide it is.  You create your reality with your thoughts. 

You can see that this is true because there are women who weigh more than you, are older than you, or are less toned than you and they’re going after and doing the things you’re waiting to do.

There are also women thinner, more toned, and younger than you that hate their bodies and wish they could be someone else.

You can also see that this is true because you often look back at pictures of your younger self and wish you looked like that again.  But, if you’re being honest, you hated your body at that time too.

That’s because your body is not and has never been the problem!

The problem has always been the way you think about your body and the things you choose to believe about yourself and your body.

The truth is that your thoughts create your feelings. And your feelings are what lead you to do or not do anything.  So, for example, let’s say I have gained 10 pounds. I make that mean that I’m disgusting and I should be ashamed of myself. Maybe I tell myself that I’m lazy, gross, and I need to punish myself so I’ll be motivated enough to lose the 10 pounds.  So I vow not to buy any new clothes, make myself wear my clothes that don’t fit me, try not to eat very much, cut all carbs, and exercise obsessively.  I do this diligently until I just can’t do it anymore. 

Then I quit, beat myself up, and promise myself that I’ll try harder and start again on Monday.  Instead of thinking that maybe there’s something wrong with the outside information I’m getting that’s telling me this is what I should be doing, I think there’s something deeply wrong with me and my body.

Sound familiar?

Again, your body is not and has never been the problem!

If you want to change the relationship you have with yourself and your body, here are  5 things you can do to begin.

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5 Things You Can Do to Accept Your Body Now

  1. Notice the negative thoughts you have about your body throughout the day.  Really take time to pay attention to what you’re saying about yourself.  When you notice yourself saying something negative, stop what you’re doing.  Then state the facts about what’s happening in that moment.  Stating these facts will move you away from focusing on your negative thoughts and move you into more of a realistic mind frame.

If you want to try to practice thinking more neutral or positive thoughts, here are a few thoughts for you to try on.

  • I have a body.
  • My body deserves my love and respect.
  • I treat my body with love and respect.
  • I appreciate my ____ because they/it allow(s) me to ______.
  • I am worthy of love and acceptance exactly as I am right now.
  • Taking care of myself feels good.

2. Start a Body Gratitude Journal

Making gratitude journaling a daily practice can move you away from focusing on what you and your body are lacking. Instead it can shift your focus to what you do appreciate about your body. Write about what you’re thankful that your body can do and/or what your body allows you to experience.

3. Practice Moving Your Body for Enjoyment

Instead of using exercise as a form of punishment, find ways to move your body that you truly enjoy. Begin to shift your mindset away from exercising as a means of losing weight and punishment for what you ate and into a mindset of caring for and appreciating your body.

4. Stop Judging and Comparing Your Body

Your body was never designed to look like anyone else’s body. Every person is unique and their bodies reflect their uniqueness. Every person’s body changes over time and these changes are natural. So stop comparing yourself to your younger self or to someone else. Instead, let go of the before and after pictures, stop obsessing about what you used to look like, and make time to curate your social media feed to reflect women who make you feel good about who you are and what you look like. 

5. Clean Out Your Closet and Make Sure Your Clothes Fit You Well Now

Stop punishing yourself by making yourself wear clothes that don’t fit you. This isn’t motivating. Instead it makes you feel uncomfortable in your skin and leads to obsessing about and hating your body.

Make time to clean out your closet. Take everything out of your closet and try everything on. Whatever fits comfortably and you like, keep. Whatever doesn’t fit well or you don’t like on your body, donate or get rid of. Make a commitment to yourself that you will start caring for your body now by dressing yourself for the body you have today.

Stop waiting on the sidelines of your life.  Make the decision to go all in on this one precious life you have and start by accepting yourself exactly as you are right now.

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One Last Note!

My 1:1 coaching program helps women stop dieting and start appreciating their bodies so they can love their lives, go after the things they want in their lives, and be the role models they want to be for their children.  If you want to learn more, email me at to schedule your free 60 minute discovery call.

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