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How To Create Your Weekly Schedule

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I think there’s this idea out there that having a schedule and holding true to what we have scheduled is stifling and makes us boring people. 

I understand that talking about schedules and saying ‘no’ to doing things spontaneously aren’t the first things that come to mind when we think of being fun and leading adventurous lives.  But I want to offer the idea that if we schedule our time very carefully and if we follow through with what we put on our schedules, then we’ll have more time available for the activities that we love to do and that truly fulfill us.  

Scheduling and planning actually gives us more freedom!

If you’re guilty of feeling like you don’t have enough time to do all the things you need to do, try out this plan each week.

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How to Create Your Schedule Each Week

1. Write Down Every To-Do

Write everything down that you want to complete this week.  Remember that nothing has to be done.  


You don’t have to work, do the laundry, cook dinner, or take care of your children.   There are natural consequences for not doing those things but they are all choices.  I imagine you want to do those things because that’s the life you want to live. But there’s a big difference between thinking about wanting to do something and thinking you have to do something. And you get to choose for yourself.

2. Cross Off Non-Priorities

Eliminate anything that you aren’t committed to. If there are things on your list that you legitimately don’t want to spend time doing, eliminate those.  Be really honest with yourself throughout this process.  Eliminating things might feel really uncomfortable at first.  But the more you practice doing this, the easier and more freeing it will feel.

If you’re not interested in attending that work after-hours get together, don’t put it on your list.  If you already committed to it, put it on your list to call and cancel.  You don’t have to give a reason.  You can just say that you won’t be attending.  

3. Decide What You Can Simplify

Next you’ll want to go through your list and simplify anything you can.  Maybe you decide to order groceries online, make 3 meals a week but double them so you have leftovers and only have to cook 3 times a week instead of 6. However you want to simplify things is up to you.  Look at each thing on your list and for each one ask yourself if there’s a way to simplify it.  If so, do that.

4. Decide What You Can Have Done Automatically

For the things that are left, decide what can be done automatically.  Automating things like billing, food deliveries, or household cleaning product orders takes them off your list of things to do regularly and makes them easier to manage. I love automating bills, all our household cleaning products, and our animals’ food and supplies.

5. Choose Anything That Can Be Delegated

Finally, delegate anything you can. When you choose things that can be done by someone other than you don’t just think about who you can hire.  For many of us, the first thing that comes to mind is a housekeeper. But, that is just one example of delegating.  You’re likely doing things around your house that someone else in your family could do. 

I hear clients and friends talk about picking out their children’s clothes everyday and washing, folding, and putting away all of their laundry.  My question is why are YOU doing that?  When your children are really little, that’s something you will want to do but by the time they’re four or so they can begin learning how to take on some of these responsibilities. So, look at your list and begin to delegate anything that can be delegated.

6. Schedule Everything on Your Calendar

Once you’ve gone through each of those steps, it’s time to add everything that’s left on your list to your calendar.  This includes your ‘me’ time.  Yes, schedule in time for yourself and honor that time!

Actually I suggest doing that first. 

Now, hold yourself accountable to doing what’s on your schedule even when you don’t feel like doing it.  This practice of planning things ahead of time and following through is so powerful.  It helps us train our brains to know that we’re in control of our thoughts and actions.  When we’re in control, we have the ability to add more fun and adventure into our lives and we have the time to enjoy it guilt free. 

Your Turn

So, go ahead, try this out.  Then please share how it goes for you.  Feel free to ask any questions you have along the way.

One Last Note!

Creating and committing to your schedule takes practice. Try these steps again and again and you’ll notice that it does get easier with practice. And if you’re interested in upleveling your personal development through 1:1 coaching, sign up for a 60 minute consultation call with me. Click this link to schedule this for yourself today

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